My back trouble started in 1988 when I was 21 years old.  For the next 23 years I had numerous episodes of back pain and saw a number of physicians and other healthcare professionals in an effort to get to the root of my back problem.  Many of these professionals had me make clinic visits twice or three times a week for months at a time.  The treatments I received resulted in a short-term amelioration of my symptoms but brought no permanent relief.

In 2011, while experiencing yet another bout of back pain, a friend told me about Dr. Michael König.  Unlike the other healthcare professionals, Dr. König was able to correctly diagnose my condition and treated it using his gentle chiropractic approach.  I responded very well and my back problem completely disappeared in four visits over a three-and-a-half-week period.

Since then I have been free of the chronic back pain I had had for years and only see Dr. König when I have occasional minor pain issues.

I can only say that I was and still am very impressed with Dr. König’s ability to properly diagnose my pain issues using applied kinesiology muscle testing and with his gentle and effective treatment methods.  Moreover, as a caring professional Dr. König is genuinely interested in the well-being of his patients and in getting them back to optimal health in as few treatments as possible.

B.B.; Yonkers, NY

I have been a patient of Dr. König’s since 2009.  Prior to seeing Dr. König, I had been suffering from chronic lower back pain for about six years, characterized by periods of exacerbation and remission.  During that time I was treated by several chiropractors.  The latest episode of back pain at that time occurred five months before I saw Dr. König in 2009.  I was treated by a chiropractor in Philadelphia who was very aggressive in his approach.  He would be very forceful in manipulating my back, which made my body tense up even more.  Upon returning to New York, my massage therapist referred me to Dr. König.  His approach was very different and very gentle. There was no “cracking” or any type of aggressive force in his adjustments.  While I was initially skeptical of this approach, within the first two visits I felt a huge difference in my lower back pain.  By the fifth visit, I was completely pain-free!

As a professional dancer who has performed on Broadway and around the country, there is constant wear and tear on my body.  While I no longer have the chronic pain I had before seeing Dr. König, I visit him periodically for maintenance and when I sustain some minor injuries.  Typically my body responds to the treatment I receive for these problems within a session or two.  I highly recommend Dr. König at Integrated Wellness N.Y.C.!

— C.S.; Astoria, NY

At the end of March, 2007 I became seriously ill after a brachytherapy treatment intended to kill any cancer cells in my left breast.  By mistake one radiation seed was left in my breast on the final day of treatment and it immediately started poisoning my body. My immune system was seriously damaged.  I started to search for answers and severely struggled to stay alive.

One wonderful doctor referred me to Dr. Michael König and my first appointment with him was in early March, 2008.  It is now May of 2015.  During all of this time I have been with Dr. König I have been thoroughly impressed not only by his knowledge of so many methods to attack a problem but also by the way he keeps researching the problem to find ways to remedy it.

Dr. König is dedicated to helping his patients and is always looking and passing on new information he found in order to help understand and work extensively towards helping their dilemma.  I trust Dr. König completely and I am thankful to have found him.

— M.R.L.; New York, NY

WOW. God bless you, Dr. König! I am blown away by how much better my knee feels as a result of the treatment today, May 23, 2017. After a frighteningly hard collision between my knee and the pavement, I’d started to wonder if the injury was more serious than the nasty bone bruise it initially seemed to be. The pain and swelling – along with my anxiety – are greatly diminished after just one session. The gentle, precision adjustment to the knee area itself and the awesome (!) HIVAMAT treatment made such a difference, I can’t thank you enough.

— S.V.Emory, Manhattan, NY

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