The foundation of good health is proper nutrition.  As a clinician who embraces and implements a comprehensive approach in addressing his patients’ health challenges Dr. König has for many years maintained an active interest in nutrition.  There exists a consensus among prominent experts in the nutritional arena that the so-called Mediterranean diet represents a prudent form of dietary intake.  Its powerful therapeutic effect, as reflected in a substantial reduction in the incidence of stroke and the death rate associated with heart attack, was documented in a landmark study published in 2013 (The New York Times, February 26, 2013).

The Mediterranean diet is characterized by a high intake of vegetables and fruits and a moderate to low intake of starch-containing carbohydrates (grains; root vegetables) and dairy products.  Healthy (contaminant-free) animal protein and a moderate intake of alcohol are included.  Emphasis is also placed on the health-promoting intake of nutritious fats.

Certain aspects of the Mediterranean diet make it similar to the so-called Paleolithic (or prehistoric) diet.  This was the dietary intake of our distant ancestors prior to the advent of agriculture between 8,000 and 3,500 years ago.  It was entirely organic, by today’s standard, and excluded all grains (and grain-derived foods) and dairy products.  It was not a vege- tarian diet.  It was the original and only dietary intake adopted by, and available to, our distant ancestors and it allowed them to survive, resulting in the evolution of prehistoric man to Homo sapiens living on this earth today.  It could be called our evolutionary dietary-intake blueprint.  There is considerable evidence on the health benefits of this dietary regi- men.  Hu Kitchen is a New York City restaurant which represents the purest exponent of these principles of dietary intake.

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The FirstLine Therapy (F.L.T.) program developed by Metagenics is an improved version of the Mediterranean diet used in the above-referenced landmark study.  The F.L.T. program is an individualized regimen of dietary intake and lifestyle modification.  It is carefully tailored to address a patient’s specific needs and includes the objective assessment of body composition by means of bioimpedance analysis. []

The F.L.T. program represents a powerful agent of dietary therapeutic intervention and has been shown, in clinical studies, to be effective in addressing a number of health concerns, particularly those related to obesity, insulin resistance and associated issues (hypercholes-terolemia; hypertriglyceridemia; hypertension) as well as chronic inflammation.  The major disease entities of contemporary industrial societies feature at least one of the above factors.

Dr. König has been certified as an F.L.T. practitioner since 2009 and has been implementing the program in his practice since then.