While chiropractic care focuses on the restoration and maintenance of optimal joint function (the body’s bony structure), the soft-tissue components (muscles; tendons; ligaments; joint capsules; cartilage) making up the remainder of the physical framework of the human body, likewise, are important structural elements to consider in diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic intervention.

It is this realization which, some time ago, prompted Dr. König to include three adjunct therapeutic modalities in his practice, HIVAMATFrequency-Specific Microcurrent and Rapid-Release Technology.



HIVAMAT is a unique and uncommonly versatile therapeutic device.  It utilizes low-intensity electric current.  In contrast to the most widely used methods of electrotherapy, however, which target and affect the neuromuscular system, HIVAMAT acts on the connective tissue.  It is the only modality specifically designed to enhance lymphatic drainage.  The enhancement of lymphatic flow and the attendant removal of toxins appear to be fundamental aspects of tissue healing and regeneration in a wide variety of conditions.  This makes HIVAMAT unusually effective and extremely versatile.

HIVAMAT has been an FDA-registered medical device since 2009.  HIVAMAT is an acronym for HIstological VAriable MAnual Technique.  It was developed in Germany and is manufactured there.


The principle upon which the HIVAMAT therapeutic device is based is the clinical application of the so-called Johnsen-Rahbek effect observed in physics.  It consists of the generation of an attractive force when an electrically conductive medium (such as a metal plate) is placed on a semiconductor and an electrical potential is applied across the metal-semiconductor interface.  HIVAMAT uses patented electric circuitry to generate a variable, pulsating electrostatic field which is applied to the human body.  It generates deeply penetrating, resonant tissue oscillation effecting a vigorous vibratory movement of electrically charged particles situated in all tissue components (skin; connective tissue; muscle; blood and lymph vessels).  This pervasive micro-vibration is thought to break up large compounds thus making them available for removal through the lymphatic system.  The physiological effect of increased lymphatic flow is a dramatic reduction of edema (swelling), increased tissue mobilization and the effective enhancement of tissue regeneration and healing.

Observed Clinical Effects of HIVAMAT Treatment

HIVAMAT is highly effective in alleviating pain, both acute and chronic.  It reduces muscle tension and promotes mobility.  It enhances and accelerates the healing of both gross and microscopic tissue injury, including bone fractures.  It reduces inflammation and edema, often dramatically.  Treatment with HIVAMAT is non-invasive, entirely pain-free and generally perceived as pleasant, soothing and relaxing by the patient.

Conditions Found to Benefit from HIVAMAT Treatment

A wide variety of conditions have been found to respond to treatment with the HIVAMAT device.  Treatment with HIVAMAT is employed as an adjunct to standard medical care and does not represent a substitute for it.  (It may end up being a substitute when conventional medical care offers no viable therapeutic option or has failed to be effective.)  These conditions include, but are not limited to:

Medical Conditions                                              

Apoplexy; Burns; Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy); Contracture; Contusion; Edema; Fibromyalgia; Fibrosis; Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis); Gout (acute); Hematoma; Inflammation; Ligament sprain; Lumbalgia (low-back pain/backache); Mechanical (physical) trauma; Muscle strain; Neu- ralgia; Osteoarthritis; Pain (chronic); Pain (traumatic/acute); Paresis; Peyronie’s disease; Plantar fasciitis; Post-surgery edema/pain; Post-surgery tissue healing/recovery; Scalds; Scars; Shoulder separation; Shoulder tendonitis; Tendinopathies (tenosynovitis/tendinitis); Tendon tear/rupture; Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis); Tension; Tissue regeneration; Venous ulcers; Whiplash; Wounds

Sports Injuries (acute; chronic)

Achilles tendinitis; Ankle Sprain; Blisters; Bone fracture; Bone spur; Bursitis; Compartment Syndrome; Contusion; Edema; Fibrosis; Hematoma; Ligament tear (sprain); Muscle soreness (delayed onset); Muscle spasm; Muscle tear (strain – acute; subacute); Myalgia; Neuralgia; Patellar tendinitis; Tendinitis; Tendon tear/rupture; Tenoplasty; Tension; Wounds

Cosmetic (Aesthetic) Applications                             

Bags under eyes (swelling; puffiness); Cellulite; Face lift; Hematoma; Plastic surgery (especially of face; breast); Post-liposuction (arm; buttocks; face; stomach); Saddlebags; Scars; Skin transplantation (post-surgical); Swollen eyelids

Partial Roster of Athletic Teams Using HIVAMAT

Since HIVAMAT effectively addresses acute traumatic injuries it has found widespread acceptance and use in the sports arena.  Many professional teams in the U.S., including all of the New York area teams and the athletic departments of many U.S. colleges, rely heavily on its use for treatment and the speedy recovery of their injured players.

Below is a partial list of the organizations which have purchased one or more HIVAMAT units.

  • New York Mets; New York Yankees; Baltimore Orioles; Boston Red Sox; Pittsburgh Pirates; St. Louis Cardinals; Kansas City Royals; Texas Rangers; San Diego Padres
  • New York Giants; New York Jets; Buffalo Bills; New England Patriots; Philadelphia Eagles; Baltimore Ravens; Washington Redskins; Miami Dolphins; Chicago Bears; Kansas City Chiefs; Denver Broncos
  • New York Islanders; Montreal Canadiens; Pittsburgh Penguins; St. Louis Blues
  • Brooklyn Nets; New York Knicks; Cleveland Cavaliers; Atlanta Hawks; Orlando Magic; Miami Heat; Dallas Mavericks; Oklahoma City Thunder; San Antonio Spurs; Toronto Raptors
  • Syracuse University (U.); Auburn U.; Clemson U.; Florida State U.; Georgia Tech U.; Harvard U.; James Madison U.; Kansas State U.; Texas A&M U.; U. of Alabama; U. of Florida; U. of Kentucky; U. of Indiana; U. of Louisville; U. of Maryland; U. of Miami; U. of Missouri; U. of Notre Dame; U. of Pennsylvania; U. of Tennessee; U. of Texas; U. of Utah; U. of Washington; Villanova U.

Frequency-Specific Microcurrent                                                                                                 

Dr. König has used Frequency-Specific Microcurrent (F.S.M.) in his practice since the mid-1990s.  It is an energetic therapeutic modality with an uncommonly wide range of applica- tions extending from soft-tissue, neurological and visceral conditions to immune-system challenges (infections) and emotional imbalances.  It is free from any side effects; while undergoing treatment the patient typically feels very relaxed but registers no other sensation.  F.S.M. is a very specific treatment modality whose targeted application must precisely match the existing structural and/or physiologically aberrant condition in order for it to be effective.  It is therefore not a “cure-all” modality.  However, for certain health conditions it represents the only effective treatment modality.

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Rapid-Release Technology

In May, 2013, Dr. König introduced in his practice Rapid-Release Technology (R.R.T.) as a powerful novel approach to the effective treatment of a variety of conditions involving soft tissue (muscles; tendons; ligaments; joint capsules; cartilage). The R.R.T. hand-held treatment device produces penetrating elastic waves, perceived by the patient as intense vibration, which selectively break up scar tissue and adhesions — commonly formed as a result of traumatic injury of soft tissue — but leave normal, healthy tissue unaffected.  The physical breakup of abnormal soft-tissue formations is achieved by the use of two types of elastic waves of a precisely determined frequency.  This phenomenon is known as a resonance effect in physics.  The treatment is safe and well-tolerated and has no side effects.

Typical symptoms and conditions that this treatment may alleviate or resolve are muscle strain or muscle pull (pain; tightness; bruising), restricted range of motion, ligament sprain, tendinosis, stenosing tenosynovitis, adhesions and neuromas.  Some named conditions from the above categories are: frozen shoulder; tennis/golfer’s elbow; carpal tunnel syndrome; trigger finger; piriformis syndrome; iliotibial (IT) band syndrome; patellar tendonitis; shin splints; achilles tendinitis; ankle sprain; plantar fasciitis; Morton’s neuroma; and Peyronie’s disease.

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