Michael König, Ph.D., D.C., is a chiropractor who has been in clinical practice since 1992. He provides state-of-the-art chiropractic care utilizing applied kinesiology (A.K.) muscle testing as his principal diagnostic approach.  Dr. König utilizes the most technologically advanced adjusting instrument in the profession, the Impulse iQ instrument, as his primary means of expertly delivered chiropractic therapeutic intervention.

Dr. König uses a gentle, non-invasive style of treatment in contrast to the more commonly administered standard chiropractic adjustment.  A chiropractic adjustment is a specific and precise joint manipulation.  In his clinical approach to address a patient’s health concern Dr. König first seeks to determine and understand, as much as possible, the nature of the problem giving rise to the patient’s symptoms.  This requires an individualized clinical assessment by Dr. König using A.K. muscle testing, along with other methods of clinical evaluation.  A.K. muscle testing is an interactive, precise and very specific method of evaluation of muscle function.  It is a non-invasive and powerful diagnostic tool that yields valuable clinical information for the precise delineation of a given health concern, thus producing a working diagnosis.


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In his therapeutic approach Dr. König follows the Impulse Adjusting System.  It is a scientifically validated treatment protocol which is centered around the use of the Impulse iQ adjusting instrument as the principal therapeutic device.  The protocol, in addition to targeting the region of the patient’s chief complaint, also includes the pelvis, sacroiliac (SI) and hip joints, the entire spine and any peripheral joints that require therapeutic intervention.  Dr. König’s treatment is gentle and well-tolerated and is applied manually in addition to the use of the Impulse iQ instrument.

Impulse iQ Instrument – WHAT IT IS (Introduction to the Chiropractic Profession)

Impulse iQ Instrument – A VISUAL ON HOW IT WORKS


Dr. König is currently the only chiropractor in New York City to be certified in the use of the Impulde iQ adjusting instrument. [See IMPULSE PRACTITIONER DIRECTORY.]

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In addition to chiropractic joint manipulation, another powerful treatment modality em- ployed by Dr. König is Pain Neutralization Technique (P.N.T.).  P.N.T. is an extremely gentle manual procedure involving the localization of specific painful points on the body and the neutralization of pain at these points.  This is done with the application of light touch, pull or torque near, or at sites distant to, the painful points.

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