Initial Visit                                                                                                                                                                                   

During the initial visit Dr. König takes a thorough patient history.  It is a well-known fact of clinical practice that up to 80% of the eventual diagnosis is derived from information obtained from a patient’s history.  It is therefore imperative that all factors having a potential bearing on a given health condition be considered and evaluated.

The consultation is followed by a clinical examination which is predominantly based on applied kinesiology (A.K.) muscle testing.  It represents a precise and very specific type of evaluation of muscle function that is non-invasive and a powerful diagnostic tool.  In addition to A.K. muscle testing Dr. König uses other standard methods of examination as well.  For the A.K. muscle testing the patient lies in a supine position on the treatment table.

The final portion of a patient visit consists of the treatment.  Dr. König follows the scientifically validated Impulse Adjusting System treatment protocol which focuses on the region of the patient’s chief complaint but also includes the pelvis, sacroiliac joints, hip joints, the entire spine and any peripheral joints that require treatment.  The treatment is gentle and well-tolerated and is applied manually as well as by means of the Impulse iQ adjusting instrument.  For most of the treatment portion of the visit the patient lies on the treatment table in a prone position.


Follow-up Visits                                                                                                                                                                                 

At the beginning of every follow-up visit Dr. König reevaluates his patient’s condition by using his A.K. muscle testing protocol.  This quick but comprehensive reevaluation allows him to monitor his patient’s progress closely and identify previously unidentified or newly developed problems.  Following the reevaluation Dr. König implements his full-spine treatment protocol with particular attention paid to the previously diagnosed condition as well as any others identified at the beginning of the visit.