Michael König, Ph.D., D.C., received his doctorate in chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1991.  He is licensed in the State of New York (and in New Jersey) and has been in clinical practice since 1992.  In caring for his patients, he is motivated by his desire to offer the best service he is capable of.  He uses his open, inquisitive and scientifically trained mind to seek out innovative and promising diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in an effort to improve the quality and effectiveness of his care.  His desire to learn is reflected in the variety of modalities he uses in his practice and the certifications he holds in the Cox Flexion Distraction Technique; Applied Kinesiology; Biocranial Therapy; the Impulse Adjusting System; FirstLine Therapy; and the ZYTO BALANCE and ELITE biocommunication applications.

Dr. König had a previous career as a geophysicist, working both in industry and in academe. A native of Germany, he has lived in New York City for most of his life.  He embraced the value of physical exercise early in his life and, inspired by Frank Shorter’s win in the 1972 Olympic Marathon, took up long-distance running, completing over 45 marathons between 1973 and 2009 — most of them in New York City.  He is now an avid bicyclist.



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Nicole DeLorey, L.Ac, C.SMA, LMT is a board certified, licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist who holds a Masters in Science from Tri-State College of Acupuncture and a Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification (SMAC). For 10 years, she was a core faculty member at Tri-State and has also served as an assistant instructor in the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification program. Currently, she teaches post-graduate courses in trigger point needling.

Nicole specializes in APM style acupuncture and treats a wide range of athletes in her private practice.  Nicole completed a fellowship at Beth Israel Hospital and Continuum Center for Health and Healing. While there, she worked closely with physicians to provide care for patients in Family Medicine, Surgery, Cystic Fibrosis, Oncology, Cardiology, Rehab and Hospice. Nicole is Certified in Stecco Fascial Manipulation Levels 1 and 2 and has also completed additional studies with the renowned Dr. Tran Viet Dzung, MD and Eriksonian Hypnotherapy training with Rita Sherr. She utilizes a combination of these techniques, specific to the needs of the individual, to address pain conditions and stress disorders.

The Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification has allowed Nicole to further integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine, trigger and motor point needling and Western sports medicine. She uses this comprehensive style in her specialized work with elite performers and athletes. Her patients include Broadway performers and American Ballet Theater and New York City Ballet dancers.


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Benjamin Schwartz, L.Ac is a board certified, licensed acupuncturist with a Master in Science from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (Tri-State College of Acupuncture teach-out).  As one of the last graduates from the Tri-State College of Acupuncture before closing its doors in 2018, Benjamin is clinically trained in the three foundational and complimentary styles of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Kiiko Matsumoto style (KM), and Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM).

Benjamin’s first introduction to Acupuncture came during the six years he spent living in China as a TV personality from 2006-2012.  As the first American boy to play the lead role in a major Chinese television series, Benjamin received the baptism of fire into Chinese medicine when he had to feverishly memorize lines in Mandarin from the original Chinese medical texts as he played opposite the characters on-screen depicting the Royal acupuncturists and Chinese medicine doctors to the Emperor in the internationally acclaimed Chinese TV drama series “The New My Fair Princess.”

After six years in the Chinese entertainment industry, Benjamin decided to focus his life on Holistic Health and helping others find more fulfillment and freedom in their bodies and their lives.  Before leaving China, Benjamin was trained and initiated as a Reiki Master Teacher, and mentored with the renowned Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Dr Li, in Beijing, and completed his first 200hrRYT Yoga Teacher Training with Santosha school of Yoga.

In Spring 2013, Benjamin completed the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles, California before moving to Mexico City, Mexico where he completed his first 500hr advanced Yoga Teacher training with Marcos Jassan at OM Yoga from 2013-2014 while training to compete in the Yoga Asana Championship.  After competing in and winning the Utah State Yoga Asana Championship, Benjamin finally moved to New York City in 2015 to train for the USA Yoga Asana Championship in which he placed 5th Nationally.   While studying his Masters in Science in Acupuncture from 2016-2019, Benjamin continued his in-depth study of holistic body alignment and bio-mechanical efficiency with a Pilates Mat and Equipment certification at Kinected School of Pilates in Manhattan, and the advanced 500hr Yoga Teacher Training with Science of Self at Yoga to the People.

Benjamin is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, and English, and as a dedicated student of Kabbalah, he is passionate about his current studies in Hebrew.  His life experiences internationally have given him a deep appreciation for all the cultural traditions and philosophies that tie us together as part of the human race.

Benjamin is ecstatic to begin his professional practice with his mentor, dear friend, and master Acupuncturist, Nicole DeLorey.

“Each of us is on a personal journey of healing, and it is one of my life’s greatest honors to assist you in achieving the highest fulfillment in yours”


Jenna Gill is a board certified, licensed acupuncturist with a Master in Science from Tri-State College of Acupuncture. Jenna is clinically trained in Acupuncture Physical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese style. She also enjoys using essential oils and her knowledge of the 5 element theory to support spiritual growth and mental and physical healing 

Aside from being an acupuncturist, Jenna is also a Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Cognitive Health Specialist. She is experienced in treating a variety of ailments including mental health conditions, digestive disorders and musculoskeletal pain. 

Jenna believes in a multi-pronged approach to health and wellness and is passionate about helping others improve their quality of life.